Perfectly British Treats for the Platinum Jubilee

Perfectly British Treats for the Platinum Jubilee

Here at Cocoba, we make all our delectable chocolate gifts and treats in our chocolate factory in Kent. In fact, we have been producing our range of quality chocolates and hot chocolates by hand since 2013!

We’re incredibly proud of our British heritage, so we decided to honour this by introducing the Best of British range to Cocoba in 2021. Inspired by the country’s favourite desserts, our Best of British selection originally included four well-known classic dessert flavours in the form of delicious Belgian chocolate bars: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue, and Apple Crumble.

Each handmade by our dedicated team of expert chocolatiers, these remarkable dessert bars are decorated to perfection with a variety of tasty toppings to represent their quintessentially British flavours.

Indulge in the crisp sweetness of crunchy meringue pieces, accompanied by fruity freshness in our Eton Mess and Lemon Meringue Chocolate Bars.

Or satisfy your sweet tooth with the decadent flavour of our Sticky Toffee Pudding Bar, complete with white chocolate drizzle, crispy salted caramel pearls, and delightful toffee pieces.

And for the crumble lovers, discover the ultimate Sunday afternoon dessert concoction with our Apple Crumble Chocolate Bar, finished with apple flavoured jelly pieces and a generous helping of shortbread crumble.

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations commencing all around, what better way to perfect your British-themed table spread than with these quintessentially British dessert flavours? We don’t doubt that they’d make a delightful treat alongside a cup of tea!

And if four flavours isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, we decided to give our customers the choice to choose a brand new Best of British chocolate bar flavour especially for the Platinum Jubilee.

We were blown away by the number of ideas we received for a new chocolate bar flavour. After receiving a variety of suggestions, we narrowed the options down to three flavours: Rhubarb & Custard, Bakewell Tart, and Trifle.

After running a 10-day vote on social media to gauge the preferred choice from our most loyal customers, we’re pleased to say that the Bakewell Tart flavour won by a country mile!

Now, after much testing (and tasting), we’re beyond excited to say that we’ve launched the Limited Edition Bakewell Tart Chocolate Bar – handmade especially to honour the Queen’s 70 years of service with something special.

However, we’ve only created 100 of these superb chocolate bars. So, if you’re a cherry bakewell fan, make sure to nab one of these fantastic treats before they’re gone and treat your taste buds to an amazing experience!

Made from almond oil infused white chocolate, and topped with milk chocolate drizzle, freeze-dried cherries, and crunchy shortbread pieces, they truly are a taste sensation like never before (and they’re even the talk of the office here at Cocoba right now, too!).

And if this wasn’t the outcome you were hoping for and Bakewell Tart isn’t your cup of tea, you needn’t fret. It only gets better from here...

We’ve also decided to expand our Best of British range with our most beloved type of product: hot chocolate bombs.

Please give a royal welcome to our Best of British Hot Chocolate Bombes; an extravagant trio of drizzled hot chocolate bombes in three exceptionally tasty flavours, made especially for British dessert fanatics.

Kickstart your celebrations with the best desserts the UK has to offer with a classic complimentary duo in our Strawberries & Cream bombe – made from strawberry infused white chocolate, each bombe is filled with fluffy marshmallows to make a pink and creamy hot chocolate treat.

Or enjoy an utterly delicious take on the timeless Millionaire’s Shortbread in the form of our hot chocolate bombe. With each bombe exuding heavenly caramel notes and drizzled by hand with Belgian milk chocolate, they’re sure to make a sweet gift at any garden party over the bank holiday weekend.

And what could be more irresistible than a Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert and hot chocolate all in one? Delight in the sweetness of toffee as you pour hot milk over the bombe to reveal the marshmallows hidden within.

We can testify that they are nothing short of exquisite, so forget the tea this Jubilee! These new hot chocolate bombes are an exceptional alternative to jazz up your celebrations, or to gift to a special someone who’s a royalist through and through.

Discover how the make the most delicious hot chocolate here.

Of course, we wanted to ensure that we introduced something for everyone to enjoy, so we’ve also added quintessentially British hot chocolate spoons to our range too!

Choose your favourite dessert-flavoured hot chocolate from our three new stirrers: Strawberries & Cream, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Millionaire’s Shortbread

Both our Strawberries & Cream spoon and Sticky Toffee Pudding spoon are topped with the same quality ingredients we use for our Best of British Eton Mess and Sticky Toffee Pudding Bars, adding the perfect dose of extra flavour to your hot chocolates.

And if you’d like to create a fantastically chocolatey treat, we’ve decorated our Millionaire’s Shortbread spoon with chocolate chips which melt beautifully when stirred into a mug of hot milk.

So, if you're celebrating 70 years of our Queen over the upcoming four-day weekend, adding a Best of British Hot Chocolate Spoon Set is the perfect way to embrace British-inspired flavours as part of your Platinum Jubilee activities. 

Naturally, we don't doubt that giving the choice of so many irresistible treats will leave many with a difficult decision to make... It's so hard to choose which Best of British treat to start with when they all sound and look so good!

So, we thought we'd make it easier for you by compiling the entire collection into our Best of British Chocolate Collection.

Ideal for gifting to someone special, or bringing to any Jubilee party for guests to enjoy, this gift set contains every flavour within our Best of British range in the form of hot chocolate bombes, hot chocolate spoons and chocolate bars. What better way to delight your party guests and discover your favourite flavours from the bunch?

However you choose to partake in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations this June, we hope you have an excellent four-day weekend that's filled with classic British treats and plenty of fun activities! 

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