The Best of Easter - A Guide to Cocoba's Easter Collection

The Best of Easter - A Guide to Cocoba's Easter Collection

Spring is in the air - nearly! The daffodils are blooming, the blossom is blossoming and the rain has finally stopped for a while (hopefully). We have some deliciously lovely treats in store for you! Whether you want to buy someone an easter gift or treat yourself, here’s the best of Easter from Cocoba!

The Best of Easter From Cocoba

We're definitely Easter people here at Cocoba, it is one of the best times of the year! Why? Because of all of the chocolate the Easter Bunny brings, of course! There is so much chocolate around throughout Easter that it can be very tricky to know what easter egg to crack open first! If you’re struggling to decide what beautiful treat from Cocoba to enjoy this Easter, here are our five top picks of the best easter chocolate from our own collection. We might be biased, but on Good Friday, a person surprised by Cocoba chocolate is a lot happier than one who isn't!

Easter Hot Chocolate Spoons

Our Easter hot chocolate spoons are a brilliant gift for Easter. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with cute marshmallow bunnies or chicks - some even come with mini eggs! There is a whole world of options for children who love hot chocolate here at Cocoba!

If your loved one loves hot chocolate, then it will be no surprise to you that they will love these spoons. All you need to do is heat your milk (we like to do this on the hob. Then, pop the milk into your favourite hot chocolate mug, and start stirring. The chocolate will melt off of the spoon, and once it’s all melted into a hot gooey gorgeous mess of hot chocolate (or you’ve got impatient and licked the spoon clean like us), you’re ready to enjoy.

Just top with whipped cream and marshmallows, sit back and get ready for a taste sensation! Easter recipes don't get any easier than that!

Candy Bean Milk Chocolate Drizzled Easter Egg

Our chocolatiers have been busy crafting some incredible chocolate eggs this year, some quite literally bigger than your head, but more on those later. This chocolate easter egg is made from the finest Belgian chocolate and is decorated by hand with a beautiful layer of thick chocolate drizzle. The egg is then delicately topped with vibrant and tasty candy beans. 

The beans really add a lovely touch of colour to this egg and it is perfect for someone who loves a really sweet treat! Add a bit of colour to your Easter with this beautifully made egg - it looks so good you may not want to eat it - please do, though, because it’s way too tasty to waste!

Easter Eggs Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you do have a hot chocolate lover in your life, firstly, you’re in the right place. Secondly, you need a gift that will keep giving long after Easter has been and gone. You need a hot chocolate gift so good that your loved one will be singing your praises for months. You need our easter egg hot chocolate bombs! 

You get three in a box (there is also a single easter hot chocolate bomb available) and they promise a decadent flavour that is irresistible to resist. Just heat up your milk, place the hot chocolate bomb in your favourite mug, pour over the hot milk and watch as the bomb melts away. Hidden inside are fluffy, tasty marshmallows that will float to the surface as the chocolate melts. 

Give it a stir and top with whipped cream and you’ll have an Easter that you’ll never forget!

Vegan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

It can be difficult to find a vegan easter treat for your loved one, well, it used to be! We’ve been making vegan hot chocolate for years, and this year, we’ve made a milk chocolate easter egg that is just as tasty as it is vegan!

Now the whole family can enjoy easter as it should be enjoyed- surrounded by delicate, delicious chocolate - just as Jesus would have wanted!

Our vegan easter egg is topped with sprinkles, and drizzled with even more chocolate! And don’t worry, we haven’t compromised on taste to make this egg vegan, it’s still just as tasty as any of our other amazing chocolate treats!

Giant Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Lastly, we have our giant egg! How big is it? Well, it’s 4 kilos! That’s as much as a 22-inch TV or computer monitor, 4 litres of water, a big pumpkin or a household cat! This thing is gigantic and only suitable for true, die-hard chocolate lovers! You may have seen our massive egg featured on This Morning recently. You see just how big this thing is when Ben Shepard holds it up. It’s the size of his torso!

You’ll need a hammer to break this shell and get snacking on Easter Sunday - as it’s a tough cookie to crack. However, along with its size, it comes with a huge flavour profile! We made this massive easter egg in the same way we make our smaller ones. It’s just as tasty, still made from beautifully rich Belgian chocolate, and decorated by hand with milk and white chocolate drizzles. 

If you love Easter chocolate just as much as us, we know this egg will already be on your radar, but we can say with certainty it is the best Easter egg that Cocoba has ever made! This and many of our other easter chocolates are currently at a special price with discounts and deals available across the site. So, don't miss out on the Easter season, treat yourself and your family to the best chocolate in the world!

How do you say good Easter - With Cocoba Chocolate, of course!

Grab your loved ones some Cocoba easter eggs and other chocolatey treats this year and see why we are the nation's favourite hot chocolate and chocolate creators! We have so many other amazing things to enjoy this Easter too, so don’t forget to check out our easter collection while you are here. Oh, and don't forget your Easter cards and other goodies!

However you spend your Easter, please enjoy it surrounded by family and friends and a ridiculous amount of delicious chocolate! Celebrate the new life that spring has created, and that the clocks will be coming forward again soon!

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