Our exceptional range of hot chocolate uses real chocolate for a rich and sweet taste. Ideal for drinking on a cold day, our selection of drinking chocolate is the best way to explore the world of hot chocolate flavours.

From our signature drinking flakes to unique hot chocolate bombes and spoons, turn your cup into a cream-filled swirl of milk and chocolate. With flavours ranging from dark, white, and milk chocolate, salted caramel, mint, and orange hot chocolate, there's something for everyone to drink at Cocoba Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Flakes Collection
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Hot Chocolate and Drinking Chocolate from Cocoba Chocolate

With dairy free hot chocolate, even vegans or those with lactose intolerance can enjoy our drinking chocolates. Our selection of boozy hot chocolate - with flavours ranging from rum with spices to Irish cream - make a fun and cheeky option to warm you up on a cold, quiet evening.

By using real chocolate, we set our drinking chocolate apart. With unique and flavourful blends, homemade hot chocolate from Cocoba mixes texture and taste into mugs filled with exciting, sweet treats.

Every cup of Cocoba homemade hot chocolate, from hot chocolate bombes to drinking chocolate flakes, is worth savouring. That's because our hot chocolate isn't just a drink - it's a rich, unique and luxurious experience. Treat yourself to the warmth and indulgence of Cocoba's hot chocolate selection, and find out for yourself.