How to make the perfect at-home Hot Chocolate

1. Choose the chocolate...

Hot Chocolate Spoons are ideal for a one-off hot chocolate. Kids love them as can make the hot chocolate themselves, and can and lick the spoon after! Choose a variety of flavours to create your perfect collection. 

Excite yourself and all the family with our Hot Chocolate Bombes. These Belgian chocolate bombes melt when hot milk is poured over with anticipation as the mini marshmallows hidden within suddenly appear!

If you love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa every night, with a delicious hot chocolate, then you need our Hot Chocolate Flakes. Just 3-4 teaspoons of flakes can create the perfect at home hot chocolate. However, you can use more or less depending on how rich you like your hot chocolate to be. 

   Cocoba Hot Chocolates

2. Heat your milk...

And yes, we do mean milk. We don't recommend using water as the results simply won't be as good!

At the Cocoba Café, we use full fat milk (unless the customer asks otherwise), for a rich and creamy hot chocolate. But you can choose any type of milk, including coconut, oat, almond, lactose free etc; these work just as well.

Heat your chosen milk in a saucepan, or microwave, until it is steaming hot. If you have a hot chocolate bombe or flakes, put these in the mug first, and then pour the steaming milk over. If you are using the hot chocolate spoons, pour the steaming milk into a mug first, and then add the spoon. Be sure not to add too much milk otherwise it will overflow when then spoon is added!

Stir well, so that all the chocolate is melted (and be careful when you drink it that it's not too hot).

How to make your hot chocolate bombe at home 

3. Drink from your favourite mug...

Everyone should have a favourite mug.

Our 'I'm a Mug for Hot Chocolate' mug was made to measure perfectly for our hot chocolate bombes.

Make this your 'me time' mug...

Hot Chocolate Mug