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They look lovely

I purchased these bombes as decoration on a cake I was making. Unfortunately I don't drink hot chocolate so wouldn't be able to tell you what they were like in a drink. The ones that were not used for the cake were given to family and I haven't had any complaints!!!! They looked fabulous on my cake though!!!

Lovely easter hot chocolate bomb

So cute the bunny hot chocolate bomb and easy to use.

Lovely easter present

So cute and easy to use.

Lovely easter present

So cute and easy to use

Lovely easter present

Loved the hot chocolate and marshmallows are cute.

Lovely easter present

Enjoyed using this at easter

Lovely hot chocolate bomb

Very easy to use and taste delicious.

Lovely hot chocolate heart bombs

Loved them very easy to use and taste delicious.

Best Chocolate Egg Ever!

Lovely, lovely egg. Sooooo big! And the chocolate to die for. I have tried many giant eggs, and this is the best, by a country mile!
It seems a bit churlish to find a fault, but I do so in the spirit of a constructive suggestion. Lovely as the egg is, it is not very personal. In this, it is no different from all the other eggs around. For me, it would extra special if there was an option to add a name IN CHOCOLATE, (eg. Mum, Jane, etc), or even just a symbol (eg heart shape). It is just to add that personal touch and make the egg REALLY SPECIAL!

If you looking for a show stopping big egg, then this is the one.
Arrived quickly well wrapped and looks amazing.
We have not tasted the quality of the chocolate yet but if it tases as good as it looks. Perfect.

Just Perfect

This was the second order of these as they're so delicious and I bought some for someone else too. I really have to steel myself because I could go through all six in a sitting quite easily but they're too good to rush like that.

Nice, but...

... Too much chocolate for my taste. Or, rather, not enough honeycomb. The bigger ones were much nicer, but there weren't enough of them for me and far too many little bits which were almost just small balls of chocolate around a small, seed-sized piece of honeycomb. Moaning about too much chocolate doesn't sound right, but it's how I felt. Would be fine with them as a gift but wouldn't buy them again as Cocoba do much better stuff IMO.

Love these

Absolutely love these Hot Chocolate Bombes. I have them as a real treat and I make sure I sit down and relax & take time drinking them, to enjoy them at their best

Delicious & Easy

Really enjoyed this.


The service was quick and easy on the internet came safely wrapped up in perfect condition.

MaHoosive Egg

Great Egg!
Great in Size
Great in Weight
Great in Taste
Great in Looks
Enough about me, The egg was far better 👍

So good!

I'm not usually a lover of salted caramel but my partner insisted on buying some salted caramel drinking chocolate flakes to take home from the cafe. I'm glad he encouraged me to try them because the hot chocolate we made was absolutely delcious! They've knocked my usual powdered hot chocolate out the park. We've almost finished the box already and will definitely be buying more!

Almond Nougat Bag
Caroline m.

Absolutely scrumptious - good size without being too big - excellent consistency - thank you, Cocoba - would certainlyy recommend to others and personally buy again

Lovely for a special gift

These are so tasty and great for a little gift too!


Easy to use and utterly delicious but expensive. Perfect for a gift for chocolate lovers.

The best 90% chocolate!

This 90% chocolate is the best we have ever tasted, we wouldn't eat anything else now as we know it is made from the best ingredients with no rubbish added!'s utterly wonderful! .........and you also know you are not being loaded with win......

Not the same

These have been my favourite chocolates for years but late last year something happened and they now taste very different. I can not even eat them now. They have halved in size and even the texture is different. Please revert back to original recipe. My family have noticed the change too so not just me. Dry disappointing Cocoba.


A wee treat for myself. Very quick delivery. Only tried one of the bombes so far but it was absolutely delicious. Very easy to make.


Ooh as my review title says, these are yummy and boozy, glad I bought them as an order add-on can't wait to try more from the range.

Dark Chocolate covered Brazil Nuts

Absolutely first class, will certainly be ordering again. Highly recommend.