Environmental & Ethical Statement


We love our environment and want to look after it as much as we possibly can.  

Wherever possible, we use packaging that can be recycled

- The outer cardboard boxes we send all our online orders in are made from 85% recycled paper, and can all be recycled again. Each order is sealed with plastic-free tape.

- We looked long and hard for bubble wrap that could be recycled, since we use lots of it to ensure our chocolates arrive safely. All of the bubble wrap used to protect your products is 100% recyclable.

- The plastic trays used to hold our chocolates, truffles and hot chocolates are  fully recyclable, and are made from at least 50% recycled materials.

- The glass jars and gift tins we use can all be re-used and we encourage our customers to do so.

- We also ensure that all cardboard which is used on site is broken down and recycled.

Additionally, we are actively making progress towards becoming paper-free in our Head Office. 

Chocolate depends on a sustainable supply chain

Chocolate has been a decadent luxury to EAT . DRINK . LOVE for thousands of years. By making chocolate more accessible and affordable, more and more people are now able to enjoy it.

However, despite its growing popularity, environmental, social and economic challenges still prevent many cocoa farmers from achieving a sustainable living.

At Cocoba, we want this to change for all cocoa farmers. Therefore, we only work with chocolate producers that believe in sustainability for their farmers. We see this as a win-win relationship, giving added value for every part of the cocoa supply chain; from farmers all the way through to you, the consumers.