Why Do We Have Chocolate Eggs At Easter?

Why Do We Have Chocolate Eggs At Easter?

Easter eggs at Easter are such a tradition now that we wouldn't recognise Easter without them. However, the modern chocolate Easter egg isn't actually as modern as you may think. Why do we have chocolate eggs at Easter? Well, the tradition actually goes back centuries, and today, we're going to find out why!

Why Do We Have Chocolate Easter Eggs?

The tradition of eating eggs and gifting them at Easter finds its roots deep in history. Centuries ago, early Christians started exchanging eggs at Easter as a symbol of rebirth. These gestures slowly but surely evolved over time into candy-filled eggs made from marzipan or sugar paste.

This sweet treat slowly transformed into hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with sweets and toys. It wasn't until much later (in the Victorian era) that solidified cocoa butter was used to craft the first hollow chocolate egg. So, while the first chocolate easter eggs were a Victorian thing, Easter egg hunts had been going for centuries before this magical invention!

During the Victorian era, gifting chocolate eggs and other chocolate treats saw a massive surge in popularity. Easter Sunday, while still very much a heavily religious day, also became a day to eat chocolate eggs and be merry. Milk chocolate easter eggs quickly became a firm favourite with children who loved decorating eggs, eating as many as possible and trading them.

JS Fry & Sons, a British chocolatier of the time is often credited with creating the hollow eggs we know and love today. They even created new machinery that isn't too dissimilar to the machines we use making chocolate eggs today!

Easter and Chocolate in the UK Today

The UK is still as in love with chocolate Easter eggs today as it was in the Victorian era, with many a supermarket looking like a chocolate Easter egg market for weeks leading up to the event. Surveys conducted by the British Retail Consortium reveal that over two-thirds of the British population buy Easter treats and chocolate eggs at Easter! That's about 80 million eggs, that's 8 eggs per child in the UK!

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Easter Egg Q and As

Why are chocolate eggs associated with Easter?

Chocolate eggs are associated with Easter celebrations due to historical traditions which date back to early Christians exchanging eggs as symbols of rebirth during the Lenten season.

What led to the popularity of chocolate eggs during the Victorian era?

The Victorian era witnessed the rise of chocolate eggs as an extravagant, luxurious and mouth-watering treat. They rose to fame very quickly, especially among children. This is primarily due to the innovative production techniques introduced by British chocolatiers like JS Fry & Sons.

How significant is chocolate consumption during Easter in the UK?

Chocolate consumption during Easter in the UK is substantial! Us Brits consume about 8kgs of chocolate per person per year. That's two of our giant easter eggs! And most of those 8kgs are consumed around Easter! It makes you proud to be British, doesn't it? 

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