The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Stocking Fillers

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Stocking Fillers

With the festive season well underway, it’s time to clear some space on the fireplace and dive into our Ultimate Guide to Stocking Fillers so you can get your stockings hung up in time for the big December countdown.

Delving into the contents of a Christmas stocking is simply one of the most magical moments of Christmas morning. With each stocking filled to the brim with neatly wrapped surprises, the tradition of unpacking the little goodies within is a pastime enjoyed by recipients of all ages. However, with the ongoing practice of gifting a stocking to loved ones every year, it can become tricky to find inspiration for stocking filler gift ideas without repeating last year’s surprises. There’s only so many body sprays a person needs after all, right?

We agree completely, so in the true fashion of Santa’s little helper, our Ultimate Guide to Stocking Fillers is here to save you from scratching your head as you roam the shops for new ideas this season.

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

Don’t know where to start with Stocking Fillers for Kids? Look no further!

There’s nothing quite like the month of December to give you that buzz of excitement as a child. From counting down the sleeps left to go until the big day with an Advent Calendar, to watching Christmas films at school and coming home to see the tree aglow in all its glory. With so many activities and special moments to enjoy, it’s undoubtedly the most wonderful time of year for little ones of all ages.

Of course, a Christmas stocking plays a key role in spreading the joyful spirit to children as much as all the other delightful elements that build their anticipation throughout the holiday season. Hence, it’s such an important responsibility for any parent, grandparent or carer to make sure they fill their children’s stockings with surprises they’ll adore as much as the big day itself! So, since time is of the essence with December a only matter of days away now, look no further than our loveable collection of novelty chocolate gifts to add all the magic you need to this year’s Christmas sacks and stockings.

Kids Hot Chocolate Spoons

With children all over the world hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa this December, why not give them the next best thing with a stocking filler that resembles all the magic of Santa Claus with all the deliciousness of milk chocolate? Our Santa Hot Chocolate Bombe is the perfect stocking filler for boys and girls to discover on Christmas morning. Not only does he come beautifully presented in a fun, festive gift box, but he’s also made from real Belgian chocolate made to Cocoba’s exclusive recipe!

And if you don’t think one hot chocolate bombe will do the trick, our trio of Christmas Character Hot Chocolate Bombs are available for just £9.95 (with a vegan alternative also available for £10.95). Each bursting with mini marshmallows to light up the faces of all little ones gathering around as the hot milk is poured, they make a perfect addition to slip into stockings this Christmas.

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombes for Kids

Alternatively, if your little helpers aren’t so keen on marshmallows, our Christmas Character Hot Chocolate Spoons are ideal if you’re looking for stocking fillers under £5, and they make for great fun over the festive period too as you can let kids stir the hot chocolate themselves (with supervision where hot milk is involved, of course!). Choose from a Santa, Reindeer, Penguin or Snowman, depending on which you think they’ll adore the most.

And that's not all! Brand new for Christmas 2022, we've also introduced our Kids Hot Chocolate Spoon Set, which features three small sized hot chocolate spoons which have been hand-finished with a variety of different toppings. Available for just £5.95, they are a must-have stocking filler for those on the 'Nice' list this year! 

Of course, we know Christmas isn’t all about the hot chocolate. So, why not spoil their taste buds with a Chocolate Bauble? Each bauble is expertly crafted to bear a candy, golden chocolate, or marshmallow centre, before the thick Belgian chocolate is poured in and spun in our chocolate factory to make a perfectly round Christmas bauble. Watch the process here: 

Christmas Chocolate Decorations for the Tree

After this clever process is complete, each bauble is then wrapped by hand by our skilled packing team to make a perfectly presented gift that’s complete with cellophane and a red ribbon for hanging on the tree (although we don’t expect there will be much time for this with how delicious they are!).

Discover our whole collection of Stocking Fillers here: Christmas Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers for Him (Easy gifting solutions, minus the socks!)

Are you buying for a man who has a special place in your heart? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for something for a friend to simply put a smile on their face this Christmas? Whoever it may be, we know men get inundated with socks on Christmas morning more than anybody! So, perhaps it’s time to make room in the stocking for something they’ll really love to unwrap this year (and the socks can be left to somebody else for a change).

If he fancies himself a bit of a flavour enthusiast, what better opportunity than Christmas to introduce him to some of Cocoba’s best-loved innovations? Created especially for the festive period, our new Half & Half Hot Chocolate Bombe Cracker includes a selection of classic flavours which simply belong together; Mint and Dark Chocolate, Orange and Milk Chocolate, and Caramel Mocha. And not only are these flavours a match made in heaven, but they’re perfectly balanced in appearance as well as in flavour. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “but how?”. Well, we wouldn’t want to keep a secret from you, so we’ll tell you (since it’s Christmas after all)… Our expert chocolatiers have carefully pieced each half of the hot chocolate bombe together by hand to marry the two delicious flavours together and give them a unique finish like no other hot chocolate!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Him

Speaking of flavour, perhaps you’re on the lookout for something slightly more boozy. Men’s stocking fillers often include a range of tipple-infused treats, so we very considerately decided to expand our range of hot chocolate gifts to include our selection of Boozy Flavoured Hot Chocolate Spoons (all of which we taste-tested thoroughly in our Head Office - you’re welcome!). Our collection includes three decadent flavours to indulge the senses: Rum flavoured Dark Chocolate, Irish Cream flavoured Milk Chocolate, and Amaretto flavoured Milk Chocolate. These can be purchased individually for just £3.95, or as a complete collection for £9.95 (ideal for those who love an evening tipple, but perhaps don’t enjoy the headache the following morning!). 

Explore our full selection of irresistible treats under Chocolate Gifts for Him.

Stocking Fillers for Her: Sweet Gifts to Make her Glow!

One of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas day is watching someone sparkle with happiness at the thoughtful gift you’ve given them. It’s a great feeling that we all hope for after seeking out that perfect present, taking the time to wrap it in colour co-ordinated wrapping paper and gift bags, and of course, keeping it a secret from those who might like to snoop! With that being said, we recommend you make it a priority to find something that shows not only how much you care about the special lady, but how well you know them.

So, start with thinking about this person and asking yourself questions to prompt what you know about them. For example, what do they love? Are they a wellbeing enthusiast? An animal lover? A bookworm? A chocoholic? (They’ve got to be, surely!). This can be an incredibly useful practice if you’re not too sure where to start. And in light of the international demand for chocolate stocking fillers at this time of year, we don’t doubt that chocolate is an appropriate answer to many of these questions.

Christmas Chocolate Selection

Take the wellbeing enthusiast for instance… They might have a rigid routine whereby they dedicate so many minutes per week to prioritising acts of self-care – a common practice that’s been encouraged in 2022 more than ever. So, how about promoting the upkeep of their wellbeing with a gift that supports their routine and also says ‘you deserve it’? Our Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombe & Mug Set is a solution that ticks both boxes. This beautifully presented gift set contains our bestselling Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombe in a Box, plus our made-to-measure Cocoba mug which is designed specifically to fit Cocoba hot chocolate bombes. It’s a true match made in heaven that’s ideal for encouraging a moment of indulgence for one, and perfect for complimenting their weekly wellbeing routine.

For the bookworm? Well, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but nothing could possibly go better with a good read than a luxurious tin of truffles. Not only have our Truffle Tins received back-to-back five star reviews, but they’re also available in a variety of different flavours (and there’s even a tin of Caramel Sea Salted Fudge too!). Each presented in a distinctively patterned Cocoba tin, they make a popular gifting choice that allows the recipient to pop the lid on (and off) as much as they wish to preserve the delicious contents inside each time they return to enjoy another chapter of their book.

Take a moment to browse our full range of gorgeous Chocolate Gifts for Her.

Christmas Truffle Gift Tin

What are the Best Stocking Fillers for Couples?

Whether you’re looking for something special for a pair of newly weds, your brother and sister-in-law, or your best friends, buying stocking fillers for adults can be one of the trickier tasks to tick off your list. What can you buy for a pair of adults that they won’t already have bought for each other (or perhaps for themselves)?

Hmmm, it can certainly be a real head-scratcher... But something we do know for certain is that couples of all ages will light up with joy at the chance to unpack a collection of fun stocking fillers. From novelty gifts to something exclusively for adults, our stocking fillers selection has got you covered this year.

For a gift that's simply destined to be shared between two, we've got just the thing! Our new Christmas Chocolate Bar Set boasts a delicious duo of chocolatey goodness; a golden caramel flavoured Gingerbread man bar, and a candy-coated milk chocolate Christmas Tree bar. Each handmade by our chocolatiers in Kent, this set is an ideal choice for a pair of chocoholics who love to indulge their sweet tooth!

Christmas Chocolate Bar Gift Set for Two

Got a pair of cocktail enthusiasts in mind instead? Indulge their tipple tendencies with a trio of brilliantly boozy hot chocolates. Our Boozy Hot Chocolate Bombes are a recent addition to the Cocoba catalogue, boasting three new flavours to transport the taster to hot chocolate paradise. Each made from Belgian chocolate infused with warming undertones and filled to the brim with mini marshmallows for the perfect dose of sweetness, they’re proving to be a bestseller that’s loved by many already since their launch date this October. And if that doesn’t sound incredible enough, each hot chocolate bombe is drizzled by hand to add the perfect finishing touch, so we don’t doubt this indulgent trio will make an extra special surprise to tuck away into the special couple’s stocking this year.

We hope that this guide will help you to find all you need for every recipient on your list this Christmas. However, if you’ve still got room for more, why not feast your eyes on our complete collection of Christmas Gifts – including a variety of luxury chocolate gifts for every budget? Who knows, perhaps Santa might even leave something especially for you under the tree as well (we won't tell if you won't!).

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