Mother's Day Gifting

Mother's Day Gifting

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the maternal figure in your life and show your gratitude for all the lovely things she’s done for you over the years.

With beautiful bouquets, chocolate boxes, and heartfelt cards filling the shelves wherever you go, you’ll need no reminders that it’s time to start your quest for a gift that’s equally as exceptional as she is. But it can be hard to know where to begin when there’s so much selection available. So, if you’re scratching your head for ideas, why not go back to basics?

Start with colour

Traditionally, Mother’s Day gifts are decorated with shades of pinks and purples to signify femininity, nurturing and love. You’ll also find that these colours are the most popular for beautiful bouquets at this time of year.

The co-ordination of colour works seamlessly to give the effect of a luxury gift set that’s been meticulously planned over the course of several weeks (even if it’s a last-minute job in reality!). Either way, it’s sure to make your mum, gran, or any other mother-figure feel special on Mothering Sunday, March 27th.

Explore our Mother’s Day Gifting Guide by Colour for our top tips on how to impress mum with indulgent chocolate gifts, tasty tipples, and more this Mother's Day.


From roses to prosecco, it’s quite clear that pink is the go-to colour for a heartfelt gift.

Our Ruby Hot Chocolate Bombes with Heart Marshmallows are exquisite in both their natural colour and flavour. Handmade from real Ruby chocolate (the fourth chocolate type after milk, dark and white, in case you’re not familiar!), these hot chocolate bombs couldn’t be more fitting for spoiling mum with something extraordinary.

Although it's bursting with colour, ruby chocolate is actually completely free from artificial colouring, and is created by the fermentation technique of the cocoa bean. Another surprise is that, contrary to their colour, the taste does not resemble that of raspberry, strawberry, or cherry. Rather, it has been likened to a punchy berry flavour that’s immersed beautifully in notes of quality cocoa.

So, given that it’s the ideal time to make a statement of how much you care, it makes perfect sense to choose something limited edition and truly special (just like your mum!).

And since there’s something unbeatably comforting about wrapping up in a fluffy robe and snuggling up on the sofa, pairing our pretty in pink hot chocolate bombes with a snuggly pink dressing gown, like this one from Marks and Spencer, makes the perfect combination. Having tried and tested this mix one or two times ourselves (more like three or four), we can promise you they’re a match made in heaven. Thank us later!


Lavender, plum, violet… Purple is a colour with many hues, and our brief inquiry into its history has showcased many associations with royalty.

So it makes perfect sense that you would honour your mother figure this Mother’s Day, as the Queen of your family. In which case, she most definitely deserves to be presented with luxurious gifts as a symbol of your adoration!

So, where to start when you need something extravagant that won’t cost you the Earth? We’ve got just the thing…

Our Signature Hot Chocolate Gift Set comprises our Great Taste Award-winning hot chocolate flakes, classic hot chocolate mug that’s made-to-measure, as well as 250g of delightfully fluffy pink and white marshmallows – all beautifully presented in a stunning gift box that’s perfectly purple for the occasion!

For something to pair it up with, personalisation goes a long way in making a gift feel that extra bit special, and there are plenty of customisable gifts on the market for Mother's Day to help you add another element of surprise to your gift (our Personalised Engraved Chocolate Bar being one!). 

If your mum is a notorious bookworm, how about a personalised leather bookmark to help her to easily pick up where she left off? These simple but unique additions are ideal not only for saving the pages of every book, but also for adding a thoughtful extra to your Mother's Day gift. 


Is your mother figure the adventurous type? 

Whether she's a bit of a jetsetter, or simply loves to go out and about in her spare time, consider treating her to a gift she can keep close to remind her of her loved ones at all times.  

Purses are great not just for your pennies, but for keeping precious family photos safe too.

You can find women's purses in a variety of beautiful colours, to match with an existing handbag or coat, or to go with something a little more unconventional... like our exceptionally moreish Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb.

With each giant jar packed to the brim with chunky pieces of honeycomb, generously coated with thick Belgian milk chocolate, you'll be sure to delight mum with this generously-sized gift. And if you're lucky, she might even share some with you as well!

In the end, no matter what you buy, so long as your Mother's Day gift has been chosen with love, she's bound to cherish it, and you. We wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day.

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