How to Make the Perfect Vegan Hot Chocolate

How to Make the Perfect Vegan Hot Chocolate

Veganuary is all about making dietary choices which are healthier for you, and for the planet.

Veganuary couldn't come at a better time, after all the overindulgence of December. But making healthier eating and drinking choices doesn't mean you have to go cold-turkey (excuse the pun!) on chocolate treats altogether.

In fact, did you know that high quality dark chocolate has some real health benefits?

🍫 It is packed with anti-oxidants (way more than most other foods)

🍫 It's rich in vitamins and minerals such as fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese, amongst others

🍫 There have also been many studies showing that dark chocolate may improve several important risk factors for disease (such as reducing cholesterol in men, lowering the risk of heart disease, and improving blood flow).


A rich and smooth hot chocolate is a luxury that should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what their dietary requirements or preferences. That’s why we’ve refined our hot chocolate products to blend perfectly with any milk alternative to create indulgent, high-quality vegan hot chocolates that will be sure to captivate your taste buds!

So, here are some tips on making a delicious dark chocolate hot chocolate to keep you warm, cosy, and healthy in January.


Whether you love marshmallows with your hot chocolate or not, our Vegan Hot Chocolate Spoons are ideal as a treat for one when you fancy a little pick-me-up! Perfect for adults and kids alike, anyone will enjoying whisking up their hot chocolate, and of course, licking the spoon clean afterwards! 

For our fellow mallow lovers, did you know that our Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs include scrumptious and fluffy vegan mini marshmallows? These Belgian dark chocolate bombes melt away with the addition of hot 'milk' to reveal the bursting display of mini marshmallows within - a fantastic show for any chocoholic!

What if sometimes you're in the mood for a rich hot chocolate, but sometimes you're not? Well, it's actually a dilemma that's easily solvable with our Signature Hot Chocolate Flakes. Simply add 3-4 teaspoons depending on how rich a hot chocolate you fancy to snuggle up with.



You can choose any type of plant milk alternative, including coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk, etc. For a really creamy texture we recommend using oat milk (also ideal if you're new to milk alternatives). The only thing we don't recommend is using water (it won't do the dark chocolate justice!).

Heat your chosen milk in a saucepan, microwave or milk frother, until it is steaming hot. If you use a microwave, make sure to give it a good stir afterwards to distribute the heat evenly and to avoid a 'skin' forming on the surface.

For best results using a hot chocolate bomb, add this to your mug first, followed by hot milk afterwards. Adding the bombe to a mug of hot milk means missing out on the 'exploding' effect, so try to remember to do it the right way round!

If you are using a hot chocolate spoon, pour the hot milk into a mug first, and then add the spoon. Be careful not to overfill your mug with milk, otherwise it will overflow when you add the stirrer!  Once added, stir thoroughly to melt all of the chocolate on the spoon (but be careful that it's not too hot before you take a sip... steal yourself some extra time by licking the last of the chocolate off the spoon!).

For a really professional hot chocolate using our flakes, the trick is to make a chocolate paste by mixing 2 - 3 tablespoons of boiling water with the flakes first. Once all the chocolate is melted, you can then add your choice of hot milk.     


Once you're satisfied that your hot chocolate is ready, it's time to add the extras!

Whether it's a lavish treat for yourself or you're looking to impress a loved one with your decorating skills, we recommend the full works. Vegan whipped cream (yes, it exists - we were delighted too!), more vegan marshmallows, and an additional sprinkle of chocolate flakes.

To create the perfect swirl of cream on top of your hot chocolate, we advise starting from the edges and working your way inwards. We've found this is the best trick for creating a neat tower of cream to make your hot chocolate look extra indulgent. 

If you really want to go the extra mile, how about some delicious dark buttons to accompany your hot chocolate? These can be scattered on top of your whipped cream masterpiece, or served in a bowl alongside your vegan chocolate drink for the ultimate chocolate fix! You could even melt them in a bowl for dipping your favourite fruits into (believe us, all your non-vegan friends will be jealous).

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