Why Does Easter Egg Chocolate Taste Different To Normal Chocolate?

Why Does Easter Egg Chocolate Taste Different To Normal Chocolate?

What makes Easter chocolate taste so different from other chocolate? Easter eggs seem to have a unique taste, unlike any other chocolate on the market. Is it the shape, the smell, the excitement for the Easter chocolate that we remember from yesteryear? Why does Easter egg chocolate taste different? Well, as we’re about to learn, it has less to do with the chocolate itself and more to do with you!

So, Why Does Easter Egg Chocolate Taste Different?

We all experience flavours in unique and interesting ways. While some of us prefer the creamy vanilla notes of white chocolate, others savour the mellow taste of milk chocolate or the nuanced bitterness of dark chocolate. However, I think we can all agree that we all love a chocolate easter bunny or chocolate egg and really don't mind what chocolate they are made out of!

But why is that? Why do Easter eggs taste so delicious? Why are chocolate bunny ears so irresistible? And why does regular chocolate never quite taste the same? As we said above, this is more about you than the chocolate. And all of this comes down to food science - well, and how the human brain is wired!

The Influence of Shape

Yes, that's right, the shape of easter chocolate plays a factor in how our brain thinks it should taste. Ever notice that a lot of easter chocolate is curved? Most easter chocolate is often smooth and has round edges, like the easter bunny ears we mentioned earlier, or our massive easter eggs!

Studies show that the shape of chocolate affects its texture and taste. Even if the ingredients remain the same - which they do. All of our easter chocolate is made using the same methods and ingredients as all of our other chocolate.

However, the moulds are different! In the case of our chocolate eggs, we use moulds that provide a silky smooth finish to the outside of our eggs, and they are, of course, curved. Research indicates that round chocolate tends to melt the best and have the smoothest texture.

The shape can also impact our perception of taste. We commonly associate angular-shaped food with more bitterness, while round food enhances sweetness. This phenomenon is attributed to the release of molecules, according to Professor Peter Barham from the University of Bristol.

So, the shape of most chocolate at Easter means that we think it tastes incredible, even if it is the same chocolate that we always enjoy. But, there's more to why we enjoy chocolate more at Easter!

The Role of Aroma

Aroma also plays a crucial role in our perception of taste. Most chocolatiers create eggs with a very thin chocolate layer during Easter. This is because it melts quickly and gives us more aroma molecules. As the thinner chocolate melts, our mouths and noses gather all of that aroma, send it straight to the brain and let it know we're having a very good time!

Of course, most of us also rip all of the foil off of an Easter egg and look at it with our mouths watering for a number of seconds before smashing it and enjoying it.

During those few seconds, that's probably the largest amount of chocolate we see throughout the year. So, there's even more notes of chocolate in the air. If your nose is full of the sweet smell of chocolate, your brain is going to love it and enjoy eating chocolate even more!

Presentation and Seasonal Anticipation

Everything about an easter egg enhances the overall experience. The beautiful packaging, the satisfying snap when you break it, the overwhelming sense that you're having a day off from your diet! All of this means that we enjoy chocolate at Easter a little bit more.

Anticipation also plays a big factor. Remember all the chocolate eggs you used to eat at easter? Remember that one year when you ate too many, but that didn't stop you from doing the exact same thing the year after? As memories of easter traditions and the excitement of getting easter gifts overcome us, we get more and more excited about ripping the foil off and enjoying our eggs. More so than any chocolate bars you've ever enjoyed!

To Sum Up Why Easter Chocolate Is So Awesome!

The reason we love chocolate eggs so much is because of their shape, nostalgia, presentation and because our brain is telling us that the chocolate is better than any chocolate we've ever had before! The melt-in-the-mouth goodness, the smell, the texture and more make easter chocolate some of the best chocolate you’ll enjoy all year!

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