Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air! Ready to win their heart?

Whether you’re feeling the love for a special someone, your best friend, or even yourself if you feel you deserve a little self-care this year, there’s no reason not to embrace the occasion this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to melt the hearts of your nearest and dearest this February, of course it makes sense to choose something that everyone adores: CHOCOLATE!

Traditionally, it’s a well-known romantic gesture to receive chocolates and roses as a gift from your admirer on February 14th as a token of their affection. Chocolate especially has been a popular Valentine’s gift for centuries due to its mood enhancing abilities. The endorphins released when a person eats chocolate give a wonderful ‘feel good’ factor, leaving the person feeling warm, fuzzy, and more loved up!

However, not only does chocolate work wonders on elevating the mood of your recipient, but it’s also the perfect way to show your sweet side to your Valentine or favourite person.

With our gorgeous range of thoughtful, love-themed gifts, you can celebrate your love in a way that’s extra special and guaranteed to spread plenty of smiles this February.

For Someone Special

Think of someone that makes your day a little brighter – someone you look forward to seeing and love making memories with because they know all the right ways to make you beam with happiness…

If there’s a particular person who comes to mind, naturally you’re going to feel that they deserve nothing less than your best. Sticking by someone through all their good and bad days isn’t an easy job, after all!

So, with an occasion like Valentine’s Day approaching, what better time than the present to choose a special gift that really says, “I love you”?

To shower your loved one with gratitude and adoration this February 14th, we recommend The Love Collection Gift Set. Including a variety of Valentines-themed treats which would be ideal for a cosy date night at home, this romantic collection is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care.

From hot chocolate bombes and stirring spoons which are bursting full of heart marshmallows, to decadent truffles and a chocolate bar to share (or not!), this gift set is perfectly tempting and just right for gifting to your special someone to mark the occasion.

Plus, we've taken care of the presentation for you. With this gorgeous gift set being the ideal surprise for someone that's very special to you, we've taken extra care to make sure it's presented as perfectly as possible. 

With each item placed on a bed of shredded paper for added protection, and covered with a sheet of bubble wrap before being fastened shut in the elegant black gift box, we've thought of every last little detail to secure these loveable treats and ensure no hearts get broken this month. 

And guess what! You don’t have to be a poet to get it right this Valentine’s Day either.

If the right words are sometimes hard to find, how about a sweet but simple message on a Personalised Engraved Chocolate Bar

Made from luxurious Belgian milk chocolate, you can add up to three lines of text to make it personal and surprise your sweetheart. Or perhaps you’d like to write something a bit cheeky to crack a smile and set the tone for your date night (nothing too risky please – we’d like to protect our innocent eyes!).

A few of our favourite personalised message examples include:

  • “For my Hubby xxx”
  • “I bet you eat most of this”
  • “Love you always”
  • “For the best wife ever xx”

It just goes to show that a few words is all it takes! So, no matter whether you choose to take a comic approach or something a bit more sentimental, you can certainly say enough to sweeten them up.

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For A Night In with Your Best Friends 

Of course, Valentine’s isn’t exclusively about romance. The month of February is commonly referred to as the season of love too. And love exists in all sorts of forms - from the unconditional love between a parent and child, to the unbreakable bond that you share with a close friend. So, how about sharing your Valentine’s Day with your bestie?

A best friend is someone who achieves their exclusive title through years of making you laugh, being a shoulder to cry on, and changing your world for the better. So, it’s safe to say that life really wouldn’t be the same without your best friends.

It’s even been said that any friendship which has lasted for more than seven years is a friendship that will last a lifetime. In our books, that’s certainly something worth celebrating!

So, what better way to melt the heart of your best friend than with an explosion of heart marshmallows? We’ve got just the thing…

Our Heart Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Bombes are made from a thick shell of pure Belgian milk chocolate, and filled to bursting with pink and fluffy heart-shaped marshmallows which come popping out of the bombe as the chocolate melts under a stream of hot milk.

Combining the perfect amount of sweetness and a delightful display of love, our hot chocolate bombes make an exceptional gift that’s guaranteed to leave your favourite person glowing with happiness this February.

But what about if your best friend is more a fan of fruity flavours?

In that case, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our Ruby Hot Chocolate Bombes - a new, online exclusive gift comprising a three bombes in a stunning shade of pink, and all brimming with fantastic flavours.

As they're made from real, premium Ruby chocolate, these limited edition hot chocolates are sure to go down a treat with friends whether you're celebrating Galentine's Day or Valentine's!

And if that wasn’t enough to earn you brownie points (although we’re positive they will!), you could even go that extra step further to sweeten up your best friends with the ultimate luxury: a tin of delectable Raspberry and Marc de Champagne truffles.

When matched with our hot chocolate bombes, our delightfully fruity truffles make the perfect pair for a cosy night in with friends. So, get your favourite films and a glass of something fancy at the ready, and carve the time out of your schedule to enjoy some sweet indulgences together this month. Your friends will be sure to love you for it!


For Self-Love (you deserve it!)

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to overlook your own needs and fail to appreciate all the wonderful things about yourself. So, rather than giving your all your love and attention to someone else this Valentine’s Day, how about giving it to yourself with some well-deserved TLC?

There’s nothing quite like running yourself a hot bath to soak in, followed by putting your favourite pyjamas on, and indulging in some decadent treats with the satisfaction of knowing you don’t have to share them with anyone else!

So, if a quiet night in by yourself is exactly what you need this February, make your evening special by swapping out your standard hot drink for an indulgent hot chocolate.

Our Heart Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Spoons are an ideal luxury for one to enjoy, with the combination of one beautiful Belgian chocolate spoon and 220ml of hot milk making the perfect serving of creamy, rich hot chocolate for one. By whisking one of these up in your favourite mug, your sense of wellbeing is sure to be heightened as you enjoy every sip and sink further into your cosy sofa for the rest of the evening. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some a little more extravagant, our loveable Heart Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Bombes are also available individually.

To uncover the adorable marshmallows concealed within, simply add your hot chocolate bombe to a mug and pour over steaming hot milk to melt the shell of Belgian chocolate. Enjoy as the marshmallows come popping out of the chocolate!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t think of anything better to show yourself some love than to kickstart a pamper evening with this adorable display.

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