So, you've just bought one of our unicorn hot chocolate bombs! Firstly, thank you! We're really proud of our unicorn hot chocolate bombs, and they are so tasty - we know you'll love them! But now that you have the hot chocolate the important question is - what toppings should you add? The toppings you add to your hot chocolate can really make or break how delicious it is. So we're here to help you make the best choices over which amazing toppings to try, but first, a quick run-through of how to make this amazing Belgian white chocolate bombe!


Unicorn hot chocolate bomb gift set

Making a melt-in-your-mouth unicorn hot chocolate bombe couldn't be any easier! All you need is your bomb, some milk (we use whole milk at the Cocoba cafe as it gives the best results due to the milk fat), if you want to use plant-based milk, we'd recommend oat milk as it gives the best mouth feel of the ones that we've tested. Some people recommend whole milk powder or water, but that isn't our style - we prefer the richer, more velvety taste that milk provides.

Here's a quick run-through of how to make one of these hot chocolate bombes:

  • Heat your milk on the hob in a saucepan
  • When you have steaming hot milk, take the pan off the stove
  • Grab your favourite mug and place your magical hot chocolate bombe in it
  • Carefully pour the hot milk over the bomb, give it a stir and wait...

The unicorn colour-changing hot chocolate bombe will start to work its magic in no time. Soon, marshmallows will be rising to the surface and you'll start to see the milk change colour. Now you need toppings so let's look at those before our hot chocolate gets cold, shall we?



While you're watching the melted chocolate turn the milk into a beautiful purple, blue or green colour, you may be tempted to reach for the whipped cream, and to be honest, we don't blame you! It is the perfect addition to hot chocolate and an absolute classic! The pairing works so well together, so go for it! Add a heavy dollop of whipped cream and top it with one or two of the following.


Mini marshmallows are already hidden inside your unicorn hot chocolate bomb, but who are we to get in the way of a good time? If you'd like to add some more marshmallows, go for it! A small handful should be plenty, but again, who are we to stop you? Those fluffy marshmallows are so irresistible, so if you want to add more, we won't stand in your way.

For a delightfully smokey flavour, you could also try roasting your marshmallows. If you have a chef's blowtorch, carefully touch the marshmallows with the flame for a brown and gooey delight that is just perfect for sitting on top of a hot chocolate!

Milk chocolate salted caramel buttons


Out of everything that you can add to a hot chocolate, this is a firm favourite of everyone at Cocoba and many of our customers! You can crush the salted caramel buttons or add them whole, to be honest, it really doesn't matter! The salty flavour of the caramel and the milk chocolate ignite with the white chocolate of the unicorn bomb for a taste sensation that must be tried to be believed!


This is a slight curve ball, but if you'd like to enjoy your hot chocolate without any more added cocoa butter, this is a great option! The freeze-dried strawberries add a lovely sweet flavour to the hot chocolate and an elegance that is effortless to drink and enjoy. For a slightly more tart taste, add freeze-dried raspberries instead! You could also add some crushed nuts for the ultimate strawberries and cream hot chocolate!

Ecuador 71% Dark Drinking Chocolate Flakes


Yep, you're adding hot chocolate to hot chocolate with this topping, but it is sensational! We don't make hot chocolate powder, we prefer to make our hot chocolate with real chocolate - and if we aren't using a hot chocolate bombe or spoon, we're using our flakes.

However, they are also a fantastic topping for hot chocolate too. It's like adding chocolate shavings without needing to grate it. Just grab a pinch or two (or three) and top the whipped cream off with rich chocolatey goodness. You can also customise your toppings really easily using our flakes. We make white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate flakes that are so delicious you could sprinkle them on a sweet potato and I would enjoy it!


Why not keep to the magical theme and add some more colour to your hot chocolate? Adding a colourful drizzle of strawberry sauce and sprinkles to your hot chocolate keeps the magic alive and your taste buds rocking!


If you've never tried this and you have a sweet tooth, you are really in for a treat. Our milk chocolate honeycomb is one of my favourite treats, and crushed over hot chocolate it is truly a delight! Just grab a rolling pin and gently crush the honeycomb then sprinkle it over the top. It is sweet, crunchy and delicious!

Our unicorn hot chocolate bombs are excellent for making with the kids. Just be careful to supervise them during the milk heating process, and then let them have fun decorating their colour-changing surprise!

So, what did you add to your unicorn hot chocolate bombes? We'd love to see your creations so make sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram - and don't forget to follow us to see what colour-changing hot chocolate we have in store for you soon!

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