A Guide to Enjoying Vegan Chocolate this Veganuary
Veganuary has arrived once again, and now is the time where many questions come to mind as we consider the global movement and what it means for those of us who are curious about taking part. Many of us find...
What Is Veganuary?
Veganuary is a popular event that takes place every January, and it is a great time to explore vegan options. Whether  you are a fulltime vegan or just trying out the lifestyle,  Chocolate is a great way to  treat yourself while participating in Veganuary.
A Guide to Christmas Gifting

Christmas is the perfect time to bring family and friends together to enjoy fun, festive traditions. Whilst some traditions are less enjoyable than others (which teenagers do you know that love to sing Christmas carols?!), there is one that's loved universally: the over-indulgence in chocolate!