How to Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate at Home

How to Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate at Home


And that's precisely why we've put together our best tricks and key pointers to enable you to create the perfect hot chocolate from home, so you can recreate those blissfully indulgent moments whenever you fancy. Whether it be after a long day, or simply 'just because', prepare to have your sweet cravings satisfied with our three top tips to creating luxurious hot chocolates to indulge your senses.


Hot Chocolate Spoons are ideal for a single serving of hot chocolate. Kids love them as they can make the hot chocolate themselves, and then lick the spoon clean afterwards! Choose from a variety of flavours or dairy-free options from our range of Vegan Hot Chocolate Spoons to create your perfect collection.

Alternatively, bring something new and exciting to your hot chocolate routine and treat yourself and all the family with our Hot Chocolate Bombs. These Belgian chocolate bombes melt when hot milk is poured over them, so enjoy the display together and watch with anticipation as the mini marshmallows hidden within suddenly pop out of the chocolate shell! And for a dairy-free display, discover our Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombes which combine beautifully with nut and plant-based milk alternatives. 

If you love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa in the evenings with a delicious hot chocolate that's created exactly to your taste, then our Hot Chocolate Flakes are perfect for helping you wind down. Just 3-4 spoons of chocolate flakes can create a delectable hot chocolate for you to sink into. Simply use more or less shavings depending on how rich you like your hot chocolate to be, and add two teaspoons of hot water and mix to form a chocolate paste. Once mixed, pour over the hot milk of your choice to create a lusciously rich and creamy hot chocolate. 


As with all our scrumptious hot chocolate products, milk is essential for making the best hot chocolates from home. And yes, we do mean milk. Animal and plant milks are great, but we don't recommend using water as the results simply won't be as good! 

At the Cocoba Café, we use full fat milk (unless the customer asks otherwise), for a rich and creamy hot chocolate. At home you can choose any type of milk, including coconut, oat, almond, lactose free etc; these work just as well to combine with the premium Belgian chocolate that we use to create our delicious bombes and spoons.

Heat your chosen milk in a saucepan, microwave, or by using a milk frother such as a Dualit, which is included in our luxury Hot Chocolate Set with Dualit Milk Frother. The Dualit technology will enable you to warm your milk to the perfect drinking temperature in a couple of minutes with just the click of a button! With more traditional methods, it's best to continue warming the milk through until it is steaming hot, but not boiling. If you use a microwave for this, remember to stir it well afterwards to distribute the heat.

If you have a hot chocolate bombe or flakes, put these in the mug first, and then pour the steaming milk over. If you are using the hot chocolate spoons, pour the steaming milk into a mug first, and then add the spoon. Be sure not to add too much milk otherwise it will overflow when then spoon is added! 

Stir well, so that all the chocolate is melted (and be careful when you drink it that it's not too hot). 


When it comes to hot chocolate, everyone should have a favourite mug. So, we decided to create our 'I'm a Mug for Hot Chocolate' mug especially for our fellow hot chocolate lovers!

This mug is made-to-measure to fit our hot chocolate bombes perfectly, so you needn't worry about the milk overflowing as you pour the milk over the top of a bombe ever again.

You can even make this your 'me time' mug, keeping it reserved especially for the times when you're craving the uplifting experience of a beautiful Belgian hot chocolate!

And finally, once you've whisked up your hot chocolate, seal the deal by adding any extras you fancy. We recommend the works: cream, more marshmallows, some chocolate flakes, a chocolate or salted caramel sauce, and small bites of chocolate covered honeycomb, or chocolate covered peanuts for some additional crunch! 

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