How to Make the Perfect Christmas Hot Chocolate

How to Make the Perfect Christmas Hot Chocolate


Nothing quite matches the delight of sipping a luxurious hot chocolate, especially on a cosy Winter night in the weeks building up to Christmas. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for creating the ultimate Christmas hot chocolate at home, so you can create the best festive hot drinks for all of your family and friends, right from the comfort of your own kitchen!


From festive hot chocolate stirrers to Christmassy hot chocolate bombes, our seasonal treats combine perfectly with milk to create a delicious and creamy hot drink to get you into the Christmas spirit.

For getting the whole family into the Christmas spirit, our Christmas Character Hot Chocolate Bombes are sure to do the trick. Packed full of fluffy marshmallows, these adorable characters are available in both white and milk chocolate (with a vegan alternative available), and are great for spreading cheer to chocoholics of all ages.

If you’re treating yourself to a sweet treat this season, we recommend our Christmas Hot Chocolate Spoons. Made from a block of Belgian milk chocolate, these melt beautifully into a mug of hot milk – perfect for a little self-indulgence throughout the holidays!

Whichever flavour or hot chocolate type takes your fancy this season, one thing is guaranteed: all of our hot chocolates are easy to make, providing plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy (amongst the many other festive activities you'll have planned!).

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For a scrumptious hot chocolate that’s both smooth and creamy, we advise using milk only to create your Christmas hot chocolate.

To achieve the ultimate creamy texture, we recommend using full fat milk. However, we've tried and tested alternatives, and you can of course choose any type of milk to suit your dietary requirements, including vegan-friendly alternatives such as coconut, oat, almond, lactose free, etc. These work just as well for making yummy hot chocolates with our vegan-friendly range.

Heat your chosen milk until it is steaming hot - you can do this in a microwave or a saucepan, whichever suits you best! When using a microwave, make sure to give it a good stir to ensure the heat is distributed.

If you have a hot chocolate bombe or flakes, put these in the mug first, and then slowly pour the steaming milk over. If using a hot chocolate spoons, pour the steaming milk into a mug first before adding the spoon. Be careful not to add too much milk otherwise it will overflow when you add the spoon! 

Once you've added the milk to your chosen hot chocolate, stir thoroughly until the chocolate is completely melted (and mind that it's not too hot when you go to drink it!). 


Everyone should have a Christmas mug for their seasonal hot chocolates! However, we know that chunky Reindeer and Santa mugs aren't for everyone - so if you're not a fan of novelty mugs, try our made-to-measure 'I'm a Mug for Hot Chocolate' mug. Perfect when paired with our hot chocolate bombes, you can be sure there won't be any spillages on your festive table cloth this year (or at least until the gravy comes out to accompany your mouth-watering Christmas dinner!).

Of course, a festive hot chocolate wouldn't be complete without toppings either. We recommend the full works: whipped cream, a drizzle of your favourite dessert sauce, a sprinkle of fluffy marshmallows, and finally, crumbled pieces of your favourite chocolate treats (buttons and truffles are great for this!). You can even add a candy cane or a novelty lollipop to your mug to add a final festive touch.

If you fancy showing off your Christmas creations, be sure to share your hot chocolate pictures on Instagram by tagging @cocobachocolate for the chance to be featured!

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