Bring in the Summer this Bank Holiday

Bring in the Summer this Bank Holiday

Whether you’re planning on hosting the ultimate garden party in the sunshine this weekend, or celebrating the break for its historical meaning by embracing May Day traditions, we’ve got the perfect treats to immerse you in the much-missed summer feeling that we’ve all been waiting for.

The Early May Bank Holiday is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for welcoming the transition into the long-awaited summer months (especially after a dreary winter!). And with bank holiday events taking place across the UK to rejoice in the beginning of the new season, now is an ideal opportunity to brighten your palette with fresh and fruity flavours to get you into the summer spirit. 

"our Eton Mess Chocolate Bar can offer the perfect concoction of seasonal flavours to give your guests a berry buzz this bank holiday"

After two years of restrictions and cancellations, we don’t doubt that May Day festivities will be bigger and better than ever this year, turning many streets across the country into a riot of colour throughout the bank holiday weekend. With many traditional May Day activities still being celebrated in modern culture, from dancing around a maypole to making floral garlands, it’s certain to be a jam-packed weekend for many!

With the purpose of these traditional events being to greet the new season, the bank holiday weekend also marks the ideal opportunity to welcome the warmer weather with traditional summer flavours.

In fact, a common gesture that many villages still embrace to this day is to gift a May Day basket to your friends and neighbours to ‘bring in the May’.

Typically, May Day baskets include fresh items such as fruit, bread, spring flowers, and of course, sweet treats!

So, if you’re looking to impress friends with this year’s baskets, bring the summer spirit in with our Orange Crunch Milk Chocolate Bar. Not only is it delicious with a Belgian milk chocolate base that’s infused with zesty orange oil, but it’s crunchy orange crystal topping is delightfully uplifting and reminiscent of the summer spirit with its warm and bright colour.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a May Day party of your own, be sure to have a sufficient supply of summertime flavours at hand to get everyone into the spirit. Something that’s conventionally fruity such as our Eton Mess Chocolate Bar can offer the perfect concoction of seasonal flavours to give your guests a berry buzz this bank holiday. With sweet, freeze-dried strawberries and crispy meringue pieces, this inviting British dessert-inspired bar couldn’t be more fitting for a garden gathering to mark the start of the warmer months.

And with the fresh scent of flowers lingering in the summer air this May Day, perhaps you’d like to tempt your party with something that’s light and refreshing? Our Lemon Meringue Chocolate Bar constitutes the satisfying zing of lemon sherbets in the form of a lemon oil-infused milk chocolate bar, topped with crunchy lemon sugar drops and sweet fragments of meringue. It’s citrusy notes are the perfect way to charm your party guests and keep them coming back for more!

To impress your guests with the full collection, discover our complete range of Best of British Chocolate Bars.

 "our drinking chocolate flakes can be used to make delicious iced chocolate drinks to keep your guests cool"

Of course, it's a well-known fact that the warmer weather is incredibly exciting for anyone living in England (until it gets too hot and we start to moan, at least!). So, it’s really no surprise that the majority of the country will be lining up at the shops to get the essentials for a barbecue this bank holiday weekend – no doubt with their flip flops and sun cream at the ready to embrace the arrival of the sunshine. So, perhaps you’re keen to discover something a little cooler to celebrate the long weekend?

Well, if you’re holding out for a sunny stint this May Day to complete your outdoor plans, our refreshing range of Chocolate Flakes are an ideal addition to any garden events you’ll be hosting. Perfect for the unpredictable British weather, our drinking chocolate flakes can be used to make delicious iced chocolate drinks to keep your guests cool. Or, if the weather doesn’t pan out the way you want it to, 4-5 spoons of flakes can be used to make a comforting hot chocolate to keep your friends and family smiling.

Choose from our best-selling Signature Drinking Chocolate Flakes for a drink that's brimming with rich cocoa notes, or appeal to your sweet-toothed guests with indulgent Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate Flakes and creamy White Chocolate Flakes.

And for best results, discover the Hot Chocolate Set with Dualit Milk Frother, and show off your barista skills to your party with quality cold or hot drinks that you can make in just two minutes!* 

Now, with the drinks ticked off the to-do list, what about the most important part of any celebration? We mean the dessert, of course!

Summer desserts are a staple food at any barbecue or summer gathering. Typically piled with fresh fruits and bursting with tangy flavours, it's not something to skip on your shopping list. 

If you’re keen to surprise your garden party with an out-of-the-box idea that’s both appetizing and perfect for entertaining in the summer, how about melting down some Belgian Milk Chocolate Buttons to create a homemade chocolate fondue?

This dessert idea is great for the warmer weather because it’s light enough to not leave your guests feeling uncomfortably full, and it can easily be spruced up with summer fruits to create a wow-factor selection of treats. Simply choose a tasty selection of dippable fruits and treats, such as strawberries, bananas and marshmallows, and supply your guests with a cocktail stick or two so they can get dunking. We all know that adults love chocolate fondues as much as kids, after all!

Alternatively, if you love the sound of a chocolate fondue (who doesn't?!), but your bank holiday plans involve you being out and about for the day, you can always make a special visit to the Cocoba Chocolate Café at Bluewater Shopping Centre.

With many refreshing fruit coolers, iced chocolate drinks, and signature desserts available on the menu (including a chocolate fondue and a vegan-friendly alternative), your taste buds won't be disappointed this bank holiday weekend. 

So, whether you’re heading to the highstreets, partaking in May Day traditions, or basking in the bank holiday sunshine from home this weekend, we hope these sweet ideas help you to enjoy the long weekend!

*Please refer to Hot Chocolate Set with Dualit Milk Frother product description for further information. 

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