Must-Have Treats for Easter

Must-Have Treats for Easter

The daffodils are blooming, the days are getting brighter, and our chocolate factory is brimming with Easter Eggs and Easter-themed nibbles. That’s right, Spring has officially sprung here at Cocoba! And it won’t be long now until the Easter Bunny comes hopping around the corner with his basket to hand, ready to deliver chocolatey goodies across the neighbourhood.

The long Easter weekend is a prime time for getting together with family and friends to feast on lots of delicious foods. With Easter Eggs and hot cross buns greeting you at every corner, it’s time to fill your cupboards with Easter treats and gear up for a weekend of seasonal activities.

So, without further ado, allow us to help you to get prepared for a fun-filled Easter weekend with plenty of chocolate treats to take your celebrations from good to egg-ceptional!

Easter Basket Treats

As a key tradition that’s withstood the test of time, the giving of Easter baskets is a classic way to celebrate the season. 

It’s also one of the rare times of year when adults can join the kids in eating chocolate for breakfast without a hint of regret (especially when it’s shaped like an egg)! So, it’s only natural that Easter eggs are the first thing that come to mind when you’re planning how to fill an Easter basket.

And as it happens, our selection of Belgian Chocolate Easter Eggs and Vegan Easter Eggs are looking more delicious than ever! Each decorated in-house by our wonderful team in Kent, our chocolate eggs are unique in appearance and remarkable in flavour.

Choose from our Candy Bean Milk Chocolate Drizzled Egg that’s generously topped with all colours of the rainbow, or our Coloured Sprinkles Milk Chocolate Drizzled Egg that’s wonderfully vibrant to make an eye-catching gift at any Easter celebration.

Alternatively, you can even keep it sweet but simple with our Vegan 'Milk' Chocolate Drizzled Egg to delight someone special this season! Each drizzled by hand using our exclusive vegan white chocolate recipe, no two eggs look exactly the same, but we can assure you they all taste equally as scrumptious.

Grand Gestures

After spending the past two Easter holidays in national lockdowns, are you planning on turning your family gathering into a celebration?! We’ve certainly all got a lot of making up to do!

Get your BIG celebration off to a cracking start with our 2kg Giant Milk Chocolate Egg. As one of our classic Easter bestsellers, this ginormous treat is a guaranteed hit with chocoholics of all ages, and it’s sure to be a key talking point that’ll maximise the smiles at your Easter gathering.

You can even make the cracking of our giant egg a fun game to enjoy with your family after you’ve devoured your Easter lunch. Why not make it a competition to see who can make the 2kg egg crack first? We don’t doubt that little ones will LOVE breaking it into pieces (keep in mind though, you might need something weighty to crack this egg up!).

Alternatively, if you're not going to be spending the long weekend with your favourites this Easter, you can still send them a bundle of chocolatey treats to help them on their way with their plans to indulge in all things delicious this Spring. Our new Easter gifts set have been created especially to say 'somebunny loves you' this year, containing selections of our bestselling Easter-themed treats for your loved ones to enjoy together!

For the ultimate surprise, discover our Easter Celebration Gift Box to gift an abundance of Easter essentials that will undoubtedly leave your loved ones delighted. Or if you want to send a thoughtful selection of sweet treats to a vegan or vegetarian friend, The Vegan Easter Gift Box contains a variety of vegan-friendly nibbles for them to tuck into.

Little Eggstras

Easter wouldn't be complete without the indulgence of little chocolate treats as you embark on an exciting egg hunt across the house and garden. So, if you’re looking for little nibbles that you can tuck behind the sofa cushions for a sweet surprise, or to create a trail of clues leading out into the garden with, our selection of small gifts are the perfect fun-sized surprises to discover during the rigorous pursuit of the grand prize.

Of course, mini eggs are a fantastic go-to when you’re setting up a chocolate trail. Not only are they simply delicious, but their colourful candy shells are great for routing little ones in the right direction as they’re easy to spot from a distance.

Plus, much like our adorable Duckling Truffles, their snackable size is perfect for nibbling as you go, and lightweight enough so that they won’t weigh down anyone’s basket as they're collected from the path!

And if you like the idea of building the anticipation as the hunt nears the end, why not let the seekers know they’re getting closer to the finish line with something a tad bigger for an extra element of excitement?

Miniature enough to not spoil anyone’s appetite, our Mini Candy Bean Easter Egg weighs a sweet 40g and comes beautifully wrapped with a red ribbon. With the white chocolate centre filled with rainbow coloured candy beans, this mini egg makes an ideal surprise to add to the basket during an Easter egg hunt as a signal that they’re getting nearer to finding the prize.

Alternatively, if you'd like to change up the nibbles from one chocolate after another, how about introducing an Easter Hot Chocolate Spoon to the trail?

Perfect for enjoying together once the toil of the hunt has no doubt left everyone feeling a little weary, these adorable gifts are great for whisking up some Easter fun in the kitchen throughout the holidays. And if you love the sound of an Easter hot chocolate, be sure to jump at the chance to discover our brand new Bunny Hot Chocolate Bombes with Mini Marshmallows too - they'll have everyone bouncing with excitement this Easter!

However you choose to make the most of it this April, it’s safe to say little extras can certainly go a long way in making sure your Easter activities are equally as full of fun as they are full of chocolatey goodness.

We wish you all a very Happy Easter. That’s all, yolks!


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